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  • Security procedureThis Procedure relates to ensuring a safe and secure environment for staff, students and visitors. It includes the issuing of keys and access cards and the use of the Deakin Card as means of providing proof of employment and association with the University.
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response policyThis Policy outlines the University's commitment to preventing sexual assault, and provides a framework to effectively respond to reports of sexual assault.
  • Sexual Assault Response procedureThis Procedure guides and informs the University's response to disclosures (formal, informal, reports, or complaints) of sexual assault perpetrated by or against students and staff.
  • Smoking and Tobacco policyThis Policy promotes and facilitates a smoke and tobacco free environment for the health and wellbeing of all at the University. It applies to all students, staff and associates of the University.
  • Social Media procedureThis Procedure governs the use of social media by University staff and students.
  • Space Management and Allocation procedureThis Procedure outlines the processes by which space is managed and allocated at the University. This procedure should be read in conjunction with the Space Management Policy.
  • Space Management policyThis Policy facilitates effective space allocation to minimise surplus and poorly utilised space while retaining sufficient available capacity to respond to emerging University requirements.
  • Sponsorship of External Activities policyThis Policy indicates that the University may sponsor external activities that are consistent with its strategic objectives, aim to strengthen relationships with key stakeholder, maximise the University's promotional opportunities, or serve the University community and wider communities.
  • Sponsorship of External Activities procedureThis Procedure provides the process by which staff members, students, community groups and organisations can apply to the University for sponsorship of a range of external activities.
  • Staff Awards procedureThis Procedure outlines the nomination process for a range of awards, including the Vice-Chancellor's Award, which recognise staff performance, achievement and service in the University and the wider education sector.
  • Staff Communication procedureThis Procedure outlines when and how staff of the University should communicate with each other.
  • Staff Development policyThis Policy provides a framework for the University's staff development offerings and outlines its commitment to providing staff with opportunities to develop skills and knowledge that will enable them to better contribute to the achievement of the University's strategic goals.
  • Staff Discipline policyThis Policy enables the University to establish and take appropriate staff disciplinary processes and actions when necessary.
  • Student Academic Integrity policyThis Policy outlines the principles and responsibilities for promoting and supporting student academic integrity and maintaining academic standards.
  • Student Academic Integrity procedureThis Procedure sets out the processes for educating students about academic integrity and responding to allegations of breaches of academic integrity.
  • Student Appeals procedureThis Procedure documents the appeals processes for students under the relevant academic progress, assessment, academic integrity, research integrity and general misconduct procedures relating to students enrolled in the University's award courses.
  • Student Code of ConductThis Code of Conduct sets out the standards of responsible and ethical behaviour and conduct expected of all students of the University.
  • Student Communication and Information policyThis Policy sets out the framework for effective and timely communication and information between the University and current and prospective students.
  • Student Communication and Information procedureTo provide instruction for effective and timely communication with current and prospective students.
  • Student Complaints Resolution policyThis Policy provide a framework for responding to concerns and resolving complaints made by students in a way that contributes to a supportive and fair learning environment. It applies to concerns and complaints by current, former or prospective students.
  • Student Complaints Resolution procedureThis Procedure documents the University's student complaints resolution process and outlines the avenues available for students to resolve their concerns or complaints.
  • Student Financial Assistance policyThe Policy outlines the range of measures for financial assistance are administered and how eligible students can apply.
  • Student Financial Assistance procedureThis Procedure sets out processes for the administration of the various measures for student financial assistance.
  • Student General Misconduct procedureThe Procedure details the process for dealing with General Misconduct by students.
  • Student International Programs and Placements procedureTo govern the development, approval, maintenance and evaluation of student international programs and any student international placements within University academic programs.
  • Student Placement procedureThe Student Placements Review conducted by Internal Audit (November 2015) recommended a University-wide approach be adopted to ensure fair and consistent management of student placements, provide minimum standards and mitigate risks.

    The Procedure also provides a framework for assuring the quality of the delivery of placements as required by the new Higher Education Standards Framework
  • Succession Planning procedureThe Procedure outlines Organisational succession planning activities.
  • Surveys procedureThis Procedure outlines the processes required to undertake or coordinate surveys by staff members for University purposes.
  • Sustainability policyThis Policy provides a framework for giving expression to the University‚Äôs commitment to integrating environmental, financial and social sustainability in University practices and decision making.