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  • Elections procedureThis procedure applies to the election of staff members and students to membership of University bodies. It includes reference to eligibility criteria, nominations, polls and the role of the Returning Officer and Deputy Returning Officer.
    This version contains updates arising from University consultation, review by the Legislation Committee and national benchmarking through the Association of Australian University Secretaries. It clarifies the information required for nominations and provides guidance on campaigning conduct.
  • Employment of Staff policyThis Policy outlines conditions for the employment of staff.
  • Equity and Diversity policyThis Policy articulates the University's commitment to providing an accessible and inclusive learning and work environment and gives effect to the University's legal obligation to provide an environment free from discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation and vilification.
  • Evaluation of Teaching and Units procedureThis Procedure outlines how the University will assess students' satisfaction with their teaching and learning experiences.
  • Event and Visitor Protocol procedureThis Procedure outlines the protocol to be adopted when an organisational unit wishes to propose the staging of a major event (as defined) or to extend an invitation on behalf of the University to a high-profile guest.
  • Examinations procedureThis Procedure outlines the requirements and processes in the administration of examinations in undergraduate and postgraduate award courses (other than higher degrees by research). It applies to all staff administering examinations and students undertaking examinations.
  • External Relationships policyThis policy defines the parameters by which the University may engage externally in relationships, partnerships or other arrangements with the aim of advancing its strategic endeavour. It applies to all partnerships entered into by the University with additional requirements for research contracts which are subject to the Research Contracts policy.
  • Externally Funded Research Contracts procedureThis Procedure relates to all externally funded grants and consultancies for research purposes and outlines factors for consideration and action, including compliance with University policy and procedure, parameters of agreements, costing and pricing, indemnity, IP, reporting and accountability, revenue implications and clinical trials.