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Performance Planning and Review procedure

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Section 1 - Preamble

The Deakin University Enterprise Agreement 2017 came into effect on 6 July 2017. This Procedure is currently under review and will be updated as soon as possible to reflect any new changes.

(1) This Procedure was approved by the Vice-Chancellor on 17 November 2004 and incorporates all amendments to 21 July 2015.

(2) This Procedure is pursuant to the Performance Management policy.

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Section 2 - Purpose

(3) This Procedure outlines the processes involved in the performance planning and review process for all staff of the University.

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Section 3 - Scope

(4) This Procedure applies to all staff members, except casual staff members engaged in employment at the University for less than 12 months.

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Section 4 - Policy

(5) Refer to the Performance Management policy.

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Section 5 - Procedure

(6) Staff members will participate in the University's Performance Planning and Review (PPR) process as specified in the Deakin University Enterprise Agreement 2013 (EA) and on the Performance & Reward Management website. PPR training is available to staff members as part of the HRD Staff Development Program.

(7) Managers, supervisors, or team leaders, as appropriate, will conduct the PPR process with the staff members they manage. They must provide staff members adequate notice of PPR meetings, hold the meetings in person, and attend PPR training as appropriate, approximately every three years Where a manager has responsibility for more than 10 staff members, he or she may nominate another senior staff member to conduct the PPR process with some staff members.

(8) PPR reviewers will ensure that staff members on probation have their probation goals assessed as part of the PPR process, in accordance with the Probation (Academic Staff) procedure or the Probation (Professional Staff) procedure.

(9) Staff members must declare on their PPR form any outside work undertaken during the year.

(10) If there is disagreement, and a staff member declines to sign his or her PPR form, the staff member may seek further assessment by the manager of his or her reviewer, or by the Executive Director, Human Resources. The decision of the manager of the reviewer or the Executive Director, Human Resources is final.

(11) Heads of organisational areas will recognise and reward staff members whose performance is of a consistently high standard as specified in the Reward and Recognition policy.

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Section 6 - Definitions

(12) There are no definitions arising under this Procedure.