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Library policy

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Section 1 - Preamble

(1) This Policy is effective from 7 October 2004 and incorporates all amendments to 27 October 2014.

(2) This Policy is made under Regulation 6.1(3) - The Library.

Governing legislation

(3) The legislation governing the Library at the University includes:

  1. Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)
  2. Regulation 4.1(1) - General Misconduct
  3. Regulation 6.1(3) - The Library
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Section 2 - Purpose

(4) To govern the administration of the University's Library.

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Section 3 - Scope

(5) This Policy applies to all staff and students of the University.

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Section 4 - Policy

(6) The University will collect and provide access to Library Material to support its teaching, learning and research activities.

(7) The University will establish conditions of use for the Library's facilities and the Library Material, and will apply penalties if Library users breach these conditions.

(8) The Library will collect and provide access to Library Material relating to the University, noting that materials are also collected by the Records Unit.

(9) The University will accept responsibility, within its available budget, to collect published material by and about Alfred Deakin and will provide access to materials regarding Alfred Deakin in other collections.

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Section 5 - Procedure

(10) The following procedures document how to comply with this Policy:

  1. Library Conditions of Use procedure
  2. Library Donations procedure.
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Section 6 - Definitions

(11) For the purpose of this Policy:

  1. library material: includes material in any format provided for use or loan by the Library.