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Deakin Micro-credentials policy

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Section 1 - Preamble

(1) This Policy was approved by Academic Board on 16 February 2016 and includes amendments to 19 July 2016.

(2) This Policy is pursuant to the Higher Education Courses policy.

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Section 2 - Purpose

(3) This Procedure sets out principles for the award of Deakin micro-credentials that warrant the achievement of learning.

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Section 3 - Scope

(4) This Policy applies to micro-credentials that are offered by the University or its controlled entities.

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Section 4 - Policy

(5) The University or its controlled entities offer micro-credentials that:

  1. evidence achievement of appropriate learning outcomes and standards
  2. are based on judgements of rich evidence created in response to authentic assessment tasks
  3. where possible are designed and conferred in partnership with industry
  4. are conferred where the identity of the learner is appropriately verified
  5. may provide credit or entry to a macro-credential or other benefits such as enhanced status or career advantage
  6. may be integrated into the design of a macro-credential
  7. bear the insignia of the University or controlled entity
  8. are recorded and archived in the same way as macro-credentials
  9. are conferred digitally using badging technology.

(6) The Deputy Vice-Chancellor Education oversees quality assurance of all micro-credentials and reports annually to the Academic Board on the award of Deakin micro-credentials.

Deakin Hallmarks

(7) The University awards micro-credentials called Deakin Hallmarks that recognise outstanding achievement of specific Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes particularly valued in the workplace.

(8) Deakin Hallmarks:

  1. are associated with a specific course or major offered by Deakin and reflect the learning of students during their enrolment in that course or major
  2. acknowledge achievement distinct from grades awarded for assessment tasks
  3. are developed at the discretion of the course director in partnership with relevant industry or professional groups
  4. are awarded on the basis of holistic judgements about student achievement with reference to approved criteria, standards and evidence
  5. describe the basis for granting the Hallmark and can be shared publically
  6. are not recognised for the purposes of granting credit towards a Deakin course.

(9) Students are eligible to apply for a Deakin Hallmark if they:

  1. are currently enrolled in the associated course or within three months of completing it; and
  2. meet any other eligibility criteria associated with the Hallmark.

(10) Students who apply for and are not awarded a Deakin Hallmark can re-apply for the same Hallmark once following the original decision.

(11) Clear and accurate information about Deakin Hallmarks is available to students including:

  1. policy and procedure governing the award of Deakin Hallmarks
  2. approved criteria and standards of each Deakin Hallmark
  3. evidence required to demonstrate the achievement of each Deakin Hallmark
  4. process for evaluating student performance for each Deakin Hallmark.

(12) The Deakin Hallmarks procedure documents the processes for the approval, delivery, award and review of Deakin Hallmarks.

Deakin Professional Practice Credentials

(13) DeakinDigital awards micro-credentials called Deakin Professional Practice Credentials that are aligned with Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes. They:

  1. are designed to warrant learning that is gained through significant industry experience
  2. are awarded based on assessments approved and supervised by the University
  3. are aligned with the Australian Qualifications Framework and/or internationally recognised industry skills frameworks (as appropriate)
  4. may be integrated into courses offered by the University
  5. may provide credit or entry into courses offered by the University.
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Section 5 - Procedure

(14) Refer to Deakin Hallmarks procedure.

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Section 6 - Definitions

(15) For the purpose of this Policy:

  1. Course: as defined in Regulation 05.3(1) - Assessment and Academic Progress in Higher Education Award Courses.
  2. DeakinDigital: a controlled entity of the University.
  3. Digital credential: a digital record of achievement in which metadata attached provides information about the source and value of the award.
  4. Macro-credential: an Australian Higher Education Qualification (or international qualification with equivalent learning outcomes) awarded by an accredited provider.
  5. Micro-credential: an award that warrants achievement of clearly articulated learning outcomes that is not sufficient, in itself, to lead to the award of a macro-credential.