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Facilities Management procedure

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Section 1 - PREAMBLE

(1) This Procedure is effective from 28 October 2003 and incorporates all amendments to 17 January 2015.

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Section 2 - PURPOSE

(2) To document the procedures for the good management of university facilities.

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Section 3 - SCOPE

(3) This Procedure applies throughout the university.

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Section 4 - PROCEDURE


(4) The Executive Director, Facilities Services will develop a Property Strategic Asset Management Plan, as part of the University's Strategic Asset Management Planning Framework, to manage the property resources of the University.

(5) The Executive Director, Facilities Services will coordinate the development of Campus Masterplans, which will govern the proposed physical development of the University's campuses. The Masterplans will be submitted to University Council for approval on the recommendation of the Finance and Business Affairs Committee.

(6) Proposals to purchase or dispose of property or to lease property for a period exceeding 21 years require the approval of University Council in accordance with the Matters Requiring Council Decision on the advice of the Vice-Chancellor.

(7) The Executive Director, Facilities Services will consider all proposed University building projects and will ensure that they are assessed in terms of the directions and guidelines specified in the Property Strategic Asset Management Plan and in the relevant Masterplan.

(8) Where a proposed building project is not in accordance with an approved Masterplan, the Finance and Business Affairs Committee will determine whether a recommendation should be made to University Council for its approval.

(9) The Executive Director, Facilities Services will develop and review design standards for the University's facilities, for endorsement by the Finance and Business Affairs Committee.

(10) The Executive Director, Facilities Services will ensure that all new University building projects are consistent with the design standards and with environmentally sustainable design principles.

Leasing or licensing space

(11) The Executive Director, Facilities Services will consider opportunities to lease or license space to or from external organisations.

(12) Under authority delegated by the Chief Operating Officer, the Executive Director, Facilities Services will negotiate the terms of licences and leases with tenants in consultation with the University Solicitor.

(13) The Executive Director, Facilities Services will ensure that the rent for each commercial tenancy is set at a competitive commercial rate, and that costs to the University associated with property management are adequately reimbursed by the tenant.

(14) The Chief Operating Officer may allow the rent or licence fees for non-commercial tenants to be set at less than commercial rates if it is considered to be in the University's strategic interests to do so.

(15) The Executive Director, Facilities Services will ensure that the approval and execution of lease or licence agreements comply with the Contracts policy.

(16) The Executive Director, Facilities Services will maintain a register of licences and leases, and will report annually to the Chief Operating Officer on the financial performance of such agreements.

Building works

(17) All building works including demolition will be carried out under the direction of the Executive Director, Facilities Services.


(18) The Executive Director, Facilities Services will organise ongoing maintenance and operations services for the University in accordance with the annual budget and as specified in the FSD Partnership Agreement.

(19) Other work will be undertaken on a cost-recovery basis.

(20) When additional maintenance or operational work (including cleaning) is required, organisational units should submit a Work Request.

(21) Heads of Organisational Units should contact the Facilities Services for advice before submitting a Work Request for the provision of control measures for indoor temperature, air flow and humidity.

Temporary signage

(22) Staff members and students should use only notice boards, temporary sign frames or poster poles for posting temporary signs. Where signs are posted in other places, they may be removed and the person responsible may be required to pay the costs of repairing any damage.

(23) It is the responsibility of the person/s posting the material to include the date of an event on all event notices and to remove material when it is no longer needed.

Room and grounds bookings

(24) Staff members may book rooms or grounds for University activities outside the teaching timetable via the Facilities Services website.

(25) Staff members and external groups may apply to the Manager, Events to hire rooms or grounds for non-University activities on a user-pays basis as specified on the Event Management Services website.

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Section 5 - POLICY

(26) This Procedure is pursuant to the Management of University Physical Facilities policy.

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(27) There are no definitions arising under this Procedure.