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Gifts and Sponsorship policy

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Section 1 - Preamble

(1) This Policy was approved by Council on 11 August 2005 and incorporates all amendments to 26 February 2015.

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Section 2 - Purpose

(2) This Policy enables the University to establish and maintain effective fundraising consistent with the University's strategic objectives and core commitments.

(3) The Gifts and Sponsorship procedure, the Bequests procedure and Prospect Management procedure outline the steps required to comply with this Policy.

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Section 3 - Scope

(4) This Policy applies to philanthropic gifts and sponsor. It excludes sponsorship by the University to external parties.

(5) For policy regarding University funded sponsorship refer to External Relationships policy and the Partnership policy.

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Section 4 - Policy

(6) The University will take a proactive and coordinated approach to fundraising consistent with the University's strategic objectives and core commitments.

(7) The University, while not obliged to register as a fundraiser pursuant to the Fundraising and Appeals Act 1998 (Vic), must comply with the general provisions of this legislation.

(8) The University will adopt ethical and targeted fundraising practices to seek and receive donations and sponsorship from appropriate sources.

(9) The Chief Advancement Officer (CAO) will coordinate the University's fundraising strategies and manage fundraising, donations and sponsorship information for the best possible outcomes for the University.

(10) The CAO will ensure that agreements with donors and sponsors are fulfilled and that they are appropriately acknowledged for their support.

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Section 5 - Procedure

(11) Refer to the Gifts and Sponsorship procedure.

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Section 6 - Definitions

(12) For the purpose of this Policy:

  1. Fundraising: seeking and receiving gifts or sponsorship for the University in a range of ways, including, but not limited to:
    1. donations or grants from non-government organisations, trusts, foundations or individuals
    2. bequests
    3. special events and sponsorships (this definition excludes competitive or recurrent State and Australian Government grants).
  2. Gift: any voluntary transfer of money or property to the University by way of benefaction where no material benefit is received by the donor. The gift must be owned in full by the University once received. Donations, philanthropic sponsorships and philanthropic grants are considered gifts. This definition excludes gifts to individual staff members as defined by the Acceptance of Gifts Policy.
  3. Sponsorship: the exchange of funds or in kind support for material benefits including promotional opportunities.