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Deakin University Statute

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1. Title

This Statute may be cited as the University Statute.

2. Authorisation

This Statute is made under Part 5 of the Act.

3. Commencement

Following Ministerial approval, this Statute comes into operation on 1 January 2021.

4. Application

This Statute, and any University regulations made under it, apply in relation to the University and its members and any person entering or operating on University premises or using University facilities.

5. Definitions

The definitions in the Act and the following definitions apply to this Statute and any regulations made under the Act or this Statute, unless the context requires otherwise:
Academic Board means the University body established in accordance with section 11.
Academic Board regulations means the University regulations made in accordance with section 18.
award means a qualification that is conferred on completion of a University accredited course.
Council regulations means the University regulations made in accordance with section 16.
University facilities means any and all facilities, resources and services offered and deployed by the University including but not limited to any information and communications technology infrastructure or on-line services or teaching interface maintained by the University.
University policies and procedures means University policies and procedures made under the Act, this Statute and the University regulations.
University premises means the campuses, buildings, student residences and any and all other premises occupied by the University, whether owned or under lease, license or other arrangement.
University regulations means the University regulations made in accordance with section 15.
Vice-Chancellor regulations means the University regulations made in accordance with section 17.

6. University Council

Council is the University's governing body. In accordance with the Act, Council is responsible for the general direction and superintendence of the University.

7. Chancellor

Council shall appoint a Chancellor under section 24 of the Act, who shall:
  1. be an official member of Council and hold the position of Chair of Council, responsible for the effective operation of Council;
  2. provide leadership for the good governance of the University;
  3. have authority to act on behalf of Council between Council meetings:
    1. on matters referred by the Chancellor's Advisory Committee; and
    2. requiring action before the next scheduled meeting of Council and to be reported to that meeting of Council.

8. Deputy Chancellor

8.1 Council shall appoint not less than one and not more than three of its members appointed under sections 11(1)(b) or 11(1)(c) of the Act to be a Deputy Chancellor.
8.2 A Deputy Chancellor shall:
  1. hold office for a term of not more than three years and be eligible for re-appointment for a further term or terms;
  2. have all the powers and duties of the Chancellor during:
    1. any absence of the Chancellor;
    2. any vacancy in the office of the Chancellor; or
    3. during any inability of the Chancellor to act.

9. Vice-Chancellor

Council shall by written instrument appoint a Vice-Chancellor as Chief Executive Officer and President of the University, who shall provide executive leadership to the University, be responsible for the financial, administrative and operational management of the University, establish relevant standards, policies and procedures, and act in the best interests of the University.

10. Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Vice-Presidents

Council may appoint Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Vice-Presidents in accordance with the University regulations.

11. Academic Board

11.1 Academic Board is established pursuant to section 20 of the Act as the University's principal academic authority, responsible for upholding the highest standards for teaching and learning, and research. Through its operations it shall contribute to the achievement of the objects of the University.
11.2 Subject to the University regulations, Academic Board has the power to:
  1. establish committees to advise it on matters related to its functions;
  2. regulate its own constitution and procedures; and
  3. establish academic standards, policies and procedures.
11.3 Academic Board shall report to Council as required by Council from time to time.

12. Student Conduct and Academic Progress

12.1 Students are bound by this Statute, the University regulations and the University policies and procedures.
12.2 University standards for student conduct and academic progress are set out in the University regulations and the University policies and procedures.
12.3 Students whose conduct or academic progress is found to be below the defined standard may be excluded from the University or course or otherwise sanctioned or subject to other outcomes in accordance with this Statute, the University regulations and the University policies and procedures, subject to the rules of natural justice.

13. Intellectual Property

University intellectual property is owned and managed in accordance with the University regulations.

14. Awards and Titles

14.1 Council may confer an award under section 10 of the Act:
  1. on a student who has completed the course requirements as set by Academic Board; or
  2. to a person admitted to an honorary degree in accordance with the University regulations.
14.2 Conferral of an award may be evidenced by a testamur.
14.3 Council may revoke an award conferred under section 14.1 in accordance with the University regulations.
14.4 The University may confer a title on staff or other persons associated with it, in accordance with the University regulations and the University policies and procedures.

15. University Regulations

15.1 University regulations may be made (including revoked or amended) by Council, the Vice­-Chancellor or Academic Board with respect to the matters set out in sections 16, 17 and 18.
15.2 University regulations shall be in writing, sealed with the University seal and published on the University website.
15.3 University regulations may:
  1. be of general or of specifically limited application;
  2. confer powers or impose duties on any specified person or class of person;
  3. be revoked or amended by Council.
15.4 University regulations made by either the Vice-Chancellor or Academic Board shall be reported to the next meeting of Council.

16. Council Regulations

16.1 Council may make University regulations in relation to any thing or matter relating to the University, including but not limited to:
  1. appointment and term of office of the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellors, the Vice­-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellors and Vice-Presidents and Principal Officers of Faculties;
  2. the powers, functions and responsibilities of the Vice-Chancellor, as well as reporting requirements;
  3. the powers, functions and composition of the Academic Board, as well as reporting requirements;
  4. the governance and organisation of the University;
  5. property, finance and commercial activities, including endowments, trusts and investments and all matters falling within Part 6 of the Act;
  6. the University seal;
  7. the conferral of awards;
  8. the establishment, governance and regulation of relationships with any external institution, organisation or body;
  9. the interpretation of terms used in this Statute and the University regulations; and
  10. Council operation and procedures.

17. Vice-Chancellor Regulations

17.1 The Vice-Chancellor may make University regulations for the financial, administrative and operational management of the University, including with respect to:
  1. the administration of the University including appointments and staffing, and organisational structure and operations;
  2. the management and control of the University's finances including payments made and received by the University;
  3. the use, control and superintendence of University property, University premises and University facilities;
  4. any person entering or operating on University premises or using University facilities;
  5. any and all Student related matters including student conduct and unsatisfactory academic progress;
  6. intellectual property; and
  7. the interpretation of terms used in the Vice-Chancellor regulations.

18. Academic Board Regulations

18.1 Academic Board may make University regulations for the academic affairs of the University, including with respect to:
    appointment of its members, and the Chair and Deputy Chair;
  1. the administration of the Academic Board structure and operations, including the establishment of committees or working groups, their governance and reporting requirements;
  2. academic standards in respect to admission to the University, and general matters of academic administration;
  3. awards offered by the University;
  4. establishment and disestablishment of programs of study;
  5. academic and research integrity;
  6. assessment and academic progress;
  7. student appeals; and
  8. the interpretation of terms used in the Academic Board regulations.

19. Revocation and Transition

The following Statutes and regulations are revoked:
(a) Statute 1.1 - Interpretation
(b) Statute 2.1 - The Council
(c) Statute 2.2 - The Academic Board
(d) Statute 2.3 - The Faculties
(e) Statute 2.4 - University Institutes
(f) Statute 2.6 - University Administration
(g) Statute 3.1 - Officers and Staff of the University
(h) Statute 4.1 - Student Misconduct
(i) Statute 5.1 - Admission Selection and Enrolment
(j) Statute 5.2 - Academic Awards
(k) Statute 5.3 - Assessment and Academic Progress
(l) Statute 5.4 - Academic Dress
(m) Statute 6.1 - University Property, Facilities, Fees and Charges
(n) Statute 7.1 - Elections and Meetings
(o) Statute 8.1 – The Seal of the University
(p) Statute 9.1 - Intellectual Property
(a) Regulation 2.1(1) - The Council
(b) Regulation 2.2(1) - The Academic Board
(c) Regulation 2.3(1) - The Faculties
(d) Regulation 2.3(3) - The Schools
(e) Regulation 2.4(1) - Institute for Frontier Materials
(f) Regulation 2.4(2) - Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation
(g) Regulation 2.4(3) - Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition
(h) Regulation 2.4(4) - National Indigenous Knowledges, Education, Research and Innovation Institute
(i) Regulation 2.4(5) - Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation
(j) Regulation 2.4(6) - Institute for Health Transformation
(k) Regulation 2.4(7) - Deakin Applied Artificial Intelligence Institute
(l) Regulation 2.4(8) - Institute for Mental and Physical Health and Clinical Translation
(m) Regulation 2.6(1) - University Administration
(n) Regulation 3.1(1) - The Chancellor and Deputy Chancellors
(o) Regulation 3.1(2) - The Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Vice-Chancellors
(p) Regulation 3.1(3) - Pro Vice-Chancellors
(q) Regulation 3.1(4) - The Vice-Presidents
(r) Regulation 3.1(5) - Professors and Emeritus Professors
(s) Regulation 3.1(7) - Principal Officers of Faculties
(t) Regulation 3.1(8) - Principal Officers of Schools
(u) Regulation 4.1(1) - General Misconduct
(v) Regulation 4.1(2) - Academic and Research Integrity
(w) Regulation 5.1(1) - Enrolment
(x) Regulation 5.2(2) - Higher Education Award Courses - General
(y) Regulation 5.2(3) - Conferring of Academic Awards
(z) Regulation 5.2(4) - Revocation of Academic Awards
(aa) Regulation 5.2(5) - Higher Doctorates
(bb) Regulation 5.2(6) - Honorary Degrees
(cc) Regulation 5.2(7) - Vocational Education and Training Courses
(dd) Regulation 5.3(1) - Assessment and Academic Progress in Higher Education Award Courses
(ee) Regulation 5.3(2) - Assessment in Vocational Education and Training Courses
(ff) Regulation 5.3(3) - Assessment and Academic Progress in Higher Degrees by Research
(gg) Regulation 5.4(1) - Academic Dress
(hh) Regulation 6.1(1) - Gifts and Bequests
(ii) Regulation 6.1(2) - University Property
(jj) Regulation 6.1(3) - The Library
(kk) Regulation 6.1(4) - Information and Communication Technology
(ll) Regulation 6.1(5) - Student Fees and Charges
(mm) Regulation 6.1(6) - Use of Vehicles and Parking
(nn) Regulation 7.1(1) - Elections
(oo) Regulation 7.1(2) - Meetings
(pp) Regulation 9.1(1) - Intellectual Property.