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Gender Affirmation procedure

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Section 1 - Preamble

(1) This Procedure is effective from 22 May 2022.

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Section 2 - Purpose

(2) This Procedure sets out how the University supports students and staff who are affirming, seeking to affirm, or have affirmed, their gender.

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Section 3 - Scope

(3) This Procedure applies to all students and staff of the University.

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Section 4 - Policy

(4) This Procedure is pursuant to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion policy.

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Section 5 - Procedure

Inclusive practice

(5) The University is committed to providing a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all members of the Deakin community, including:

  1. offering timely, tailored support to students and staff who are affirming or seeking to affirm or have affirmed their gender.
  2. all members of the Deakin community are treated with respect, are addressed according to preferred names and pronouns and are supported to dress in a manner that best reflects their gender identity.

(6) As a University we set strong standards of behaviour and empower both students and staff to call out disrespectful or discriminatory behaviours, including against an individual based on their gender identity.

(7) We enforce codes of conduct with procedural fairness and, where a case is substantiated, hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Complaints of discrimination will be managed according to the Complaints: Discrimination, Harassment, Victimisation and Vilification (Staff) procedure, and the Student Complaints Resolution procedure and Student Misconduct procedure.

Gender affirmation support

(8) Deakin has a network of trained Inclusion Officers to provide both students and staff with advice and assistance relating to:

  1. how and where to enter a preferred name
  2. how to update your legal name or title
  3. how to change the way your gender is recorded
  4. other available supports including leave entitlements.

(9) The Gender Affirmation at Deakin page details how to contact an Inclusion Officer and also provides additional resources and links to support students and staff at all stages of affirmation.

(10) Any students or staff who change their name and/or gender also need to be aware of the potential consequences that could result if their Deakin records do not match with records from Government agencies such as the Australian Taxation Office or Centrelink. It is the responsibility of all students and staff to communicate changes to personal details with all relevant external organisations.

(11) The University is committed to the responsible collection and management of personal and health information and recognises that information privacy is one of the foundations of human dignity, including in relation to students or staff who have affirmed their gender or who are undertaking gender affirmation. Disclosing information about the gender affirmation of a student or staff member without their consent may be a breach of the University’s Privacy policy.

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Section 6 - Definitions

(12) For the purpose of this Procedure:

  1. Affirmed gender: the gender to which one identifies, which may or may not match the individual’s assigned gender at birth.
  2. Gender: a sociological construct defining the collection of characteristics that are culturally associated with maleness or femaleness (not to be confused with sex).
  3. Gender affirmation: an interpersonal, interactive process whereby a person receives social recognition and support for their gender identity and expression.