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Corporate Mobile Communication Devices procedure

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Section 1 - Preamble

(1) This Procedure is effective from 3 October 2023.

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Section 2 - Purpose

(2) This Procedure outlines the process by which University staff may procure and make use of mobile communication devices.

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Section 3 - Scope

(3) This Procedure applies to all staff with University-issued mobile communication devices.

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Section 4 - Policy

(4) This Procedure is pursuant to the Information and Communications Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

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Section 5 - Procedure


(5) The Head of Organisational Unit will ensure that there is a genuine business need or other benefit to the University, prior to purchasing and/or allocating a corporate mobile communication device. Corporate devices should only be allocated to staff in fixed-term and continuing roles with the University.

(6) Staff who are allocated corporate mobile communication devices must read and follow this procedure and other relevant policies and procedures such as the Information and Communications Technology Acceptable Use Policy.


(7) Procurement of corporate mobile communication devices will follow the University procurement process as outlined in the Procurement policy. The allocated device will be compatible with the University's contracted supplier for telecommunications. (refer to Deakin mobile - Can I purchase a mobile device through Deakin? website).

(8) The organisational unit will be responsible for all costs associated with the purchase of corporate mobile communication devices (and relevant accessories, e.g. tablet covers) for their staff members and for monitoring and managing all ongoing work-related voice, SMS and data costs.

(9) Provision of corporate mobile communication devices will include the supply of a mobile phone number where appropriate. Existing numbers from other plans can be transferred to the University but they must be out of contract and free of any financial debt prior to transfer.

(10) All University corporate mobile communication devices will be connected to the University's preferred telecommunications carrier. Staff members must not connect their corporate mobile devices to another provider, unless they do so with the prior approval of their relevant Executive member to ensure the most cost effective option is used while overseas.

(11) Help instructions on connecting devices to the Deakin network for using wireless/email are available from the Corporate mobile communication devices website.

(12) On receipt of a University allocated corporate mobile communication device staff must ensure that their device is immediately configured to use Deakin University Wi-Fi services.

Staff use

(13) Corporate mobile communication device users are responsible for any and all activities associated with the use of that device. Staff who use corporate devices must:

  1. Ensure their device use is in accordance with relevant University policies and procedures.
  2. Publish the number of the corporate mobile phone on the University's online directory (where appropriate considering the staff member's role in the University).
  3. Take reasonable care of the device, maintain it in good working order subject to reasonable wear and tear, and take all reasonable precautions to prevent loss, damage or theft.
  4. Report lost or stolen mobile communications devices and lodge an incident report as soon as practicable (refer to Deakin mobile - Lost or stolen mobile phones website).
  5. Return the device and SIM card to their manager, if the device is no longer required for them to reallocate to another staff member or cancel (refer to Returning corporate mobile communication devices website).

(14) Staff must use reasonable endeavours to minimise voice and data costs, including accessing data from University Wi-Fi services where possible.

(15) When not on University property, users should, wherever possible, access data on their mobile communication device via free Wi-Fi services.

(16) Staff should link their use of Wi-Fi service across multiple corporate mobile communication devices to minimise the number of devices requiring carrier access. Options such as Personal Hotspot on Smart Phones between their tablet and Smart Phone/University lap top should be used, for example, when travelling in Australia and secure Wi-Fi can't be arranged at reasonable cost. Note: use of Personal Hotspot on Smart Phones should not be used when overseas unless the international data plans have been arranged as it may not apply in all countries.

(17) Staff must ensure that they are not exceeding the monthly data allowance. The carrier will provide the user with warnings via SMS (voice services only) of impending breach of the monthly data allowance. Staff are then to disable data and use Wi-Fi only.

(18) Managers of staff with allocated corporate devices must monitor usage and expense (both voice and data) and discuss plan options with those staff who regularly generate business usage costs, either voice, data or both at the upper limit of or above expectations.

(19) The Head of Organisational Unit will regularly review the allocation of corporate mobile communication devices within their area and consider allocating or terminating/ withdrawing mobile communication devices subject to demonstrable operational need. Consideration should be given to reducing the number of devices allocated to the same individual or collation/streamlining of the allocated data plans for that user.

(20) Staff must use mobile communication devices owned by the University responsibly, ethically and lawfully. Unlawful use that breaches this procedure will be dealt with as a misconduct matter, see the Code of Conduct.

(21) Unlawful use of such resources may, depending on the nature of the unlawful use, also lead to criminal or civil legal action being taken against individual staff. This could result in serious consequences such as a fine, damages and/or costs being awarded against the individual or even imprisonment.

(22) The University will not defend or support any authorised user who uses IT resources for an unlawful purpose.

(23) Prior to ceasing employment with the University, staff members must return their corporate mobile communication devices, including SIM cards and accessories, to their managers. Staff can seek approval from their Head of Organisational Unit to take the mobile service number with them (refer to Deakin mobile - return a device and SIM card website). The relevant organisational unit will be responsible for payment of any charges incurred as a result of non-return of mobile phones.

Personal use of university mobile phone

(24) The staff member is responsible for the costs associated with unreasonable personal usage of an allocated University mobile phone.

(25) Unreasonable usage costs will be incurred when usage occurs beyond the mobile plan inclusion, such as international calls and excess data charges.

(26) International call must only be made when necessary for business purposes.

(27) Data use is to be managed within monthly gigabyte (GB) limits.

(28) Unreasonable usage is to be determined by the organisational unit responsible for the mobile phone.

International use

(29) Staff must ensure that they have prior approval from their manager to use the corporate device before taking it overseas.

(30) Staff must use corporate mobile communication devices in accordance with the University's Travel policy, and as cost effectively as possible while overseas. Staff should refer to the Deakin mobile – International Day Pass website prior to overseas travel for information about the International Day Pay and related charges and data allowances.

Use of non-university mobile communication devices

(31) Staff are permitted to use their personal mobile communication device to access the University's Wi-Fi network. All such use is subject to the Information and Communications Technology Acceptable Use Policy and other relevant University policies and procedures.

(32) Staff (including casual professional and sessional academic staff) who have a claim for the costs of reasonable and genuine business use of their own personal devices, may submit a request for reimbursement to their manager via the University's expense reimbursement system. Reimbursement is subject to the Business Expenses Policy.

(33) The staff member must obtain approval from their manager, who will also obtain agreement to this arrangement from their manager, prior to incurring the costs.

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Section 6 - Definitions

(34) For the purposes of this Procedure:

  1. Genuine business need, includes where staff are:
    1. regularly out of their primary work location/office on work duties and/or travel on University business; or
    2. required to be contactable or on call out of normal business hours; or
    3. not able to access a University landline phone; or
    4. in roles with security or operational responsibilities that require them to be readily contacted by phone; or
    5. able to be more effective and/or efficient by using tablets while working at an approved Deakin location.
  2. Mobile communication device:
    1. standard mobile phone handset;
    2. advanced mobile phone handset (e.g. Smart phones); and
    3. advanced SIM and/or Wi-Fi enabled devices, including tablets (e.g. iPad), and devices with mobile broadband (e.g. USB dongle).