Status and Details

Status and Details

This page contains information about the status, approval and implementation of this document, contact details for the Implementation Officer and relevant enquiries contact and, on the right, a brief summary of changes between this and the previous version.

Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Assessment procedure

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Status Historic Indicates if this version of the document is in effect (Current), yet to come into effect (Future), or expired (Historic).
Effective Date 27th June 2019 This is the date on which this version of the document came into effect.
Review Date 27th June 2022 The next review of this document is scheduled to commence on this date.
Approval Authority Academic Board The noted authority approved this is version of the document.
Approval Date 11th June 2019 This is the date on which this version of the document was approved by the authorised authority.
Expiry Date 25th November 2021 This is the date on which this version expires. It may still apply, conditionally, after this date.
Implementation Officer Matthew Clarke
Pro Vice-Chancellor Researcher Development
+61 3 924 43979
This is the officer generally responsible for day to day administrative matters.
Responsible Executive Julie Owens
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation
This is the senior officer with responsibility for the document.
Enquiries Contact Graduate Research Academy
+61 3 924 68268
General enquiries should be directed to the officer/area listed.

Summary of Changes from Previous Version

This Procedure was amended on 27 June 2019 to:

- clarify the responsibility of the Chair, Thesis Examination Committee

- set out new processes around adjudication - clarify examination outcomes, and that thesis is no longer automatically passed if two examiners support - include a requirement that thesis is accompanied by a plagiarism software check and research integrity declaration

- incorporation of previous Schedule B: Restricted Access to Thesis into the body of the Procedure

- set out a new process for research integrity breaches

- extend definition of thesis to reflect various types of thesis

- include a requirement that the Head of Academic Unit ensure that the relevant non-thesis course learning outcomes are met.