Bulletin Board

The Policy Library Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board lists policies and procedures that have been approved and/or came into effect in the last two months.

Feedback and comment on existing documents may be provided at any time directly to the Implementation Officer.  Contact details for Implementation Officer’s are recorded on the 'Status and Details' page.  Simply open the relevant document, and then click the link to the 'Status and Details' page (located at top of page on the light grey menu bar).


Recent Approvals

Document Title Status Effective Date
Academic Promotion policy Current 7th April 2021
Academic Promotion procedure Current 7th April 2021
Recruitment of Staff procedure Current 24th March 2021
Council Charter Current 23rd March 2021
Council Members Appointment and Remuneration procedure Current 23rd March 2021
Academic Board policy Current 23rd March 2021
Parking and Use of Vehicles procedure Current 16th March 2021
Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) Supervision procedure Current 2nd March 2021
Admission Criteria and Selection (Higher Education Courses) procedure Current 2nd March 2021
Research Data Management procedure Current 2nd March 2021
Human Research Ethics procedure Current 2nd March 2021
Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Victimisation and Vilification (Staff) Complaints procedure Current 23rd February 2021