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The Policy Library Bulletin Board

Below you will see two lists. The first displays policies, procedures and guidelines that have been approved and/or came into effect in the last two months. The second displays drafts that are currently available for comment. The Protected Document indicates that a document is currently only available for comment by members of a small reference group as development is in the preliminary stages. Accordingly a password will be needed to access these documents. Passwords are issued by the author.

Note that non-policy documents are posted to the Discussion Board for comment.

Recent Approvals

Document Title Status Effective Date
Remuneration procedure Current 18th September 2018
Conflict of Interest procedure Current 17th September 2018
Surveys procedure Current 11th September 2018
Equity and Diversity policy Current 3rd September 2018
Conflict of Interest procedure Historic 20th August 2018
Code of Conduct Current 20th August 2018
Reviews procedure Current 16th August 2018
Admission Criteria and Selection (Higher Education Courses) procedure Current 6th August 2018
Probation (Professional Staff) procedure Current 31st July 2018
Assessment (Higher Education Courses) procedure Current 26th July 2018

Draft Documents for Comment

Document Title Date Due for Comment Document Author
There are no postings to display.