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  • Taxation policyThis Policy designates responsibility for ensuring the University's compliance with all legal requirements concerning the administration of taxation, the provision of relevant work instruction for heads of organisational areas and appropriate training and work instructions for staff.
  • Taxation procedureThis Procedure provides guidance and instructions to staff on the administration of the range of taxes to which the University is subject.
  • Teleworking policy(Expired)This Policy defines and governs the practice of teleworking which includes flexible work arrangements available to staff whose duties are deemed suitable (and may include one or more days per week away from the usual workplace). This Policy applies to all University staff whose work utilises ICT allowing for work to be conducted in environs other than their primary workplace.
  • Teleworking procedure(Expired)This procedure provides a framework to formalise teleworking arrangements that entail regular periods away from the usual workplace so as to ensure safe and productive teleworking environment for the University and its staff.
  • Travel policyThis policy relates to the exercise of an appropriate duty of care by the University towards staff travelling on its behalf and the University's expectations in relation to travel arrangements and supporting documentation.
  • Travel procedureThis Procedure provides those staff travelling on the University's behalf with a clear and consistent understanding of the University's expectations in relation to travel, including the requirement for an accurate and complete travel log for approval, risk management, tax and insurance purposes.