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Deakin University is committed to a policy framework that best reflects our value of inclusion and provides a safe and supportive environment for all staff and students. This includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people of diverse genders, sex and sexualities, people with disability, people of all ages and socio-economic status and people from diverse cultural backgrounds and religions.

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  • Information and Communications Technology Data Storage procedureThis Procedure relates to the provision of data storage facilities, including the management of quotas for mailboxes, home directories, file shares and enterprise applications.
  • Information and Communications Technology Security policyThis Policy relates to the definition of information and communication technology (ICT) security standards that ensure that all data and information held electronically is protected from corruption, loss, unauthorised access and disclosure.
  • Information and Communications Technology Security procedureThis Procedure relates to the implementation of information communications technology (ICT) security standards consistent with industry-wide standards including issues of connectivity, access protocols, monitoring and auditing and user awareness and education.
  • Information and Communications Technology Use policyThis Policy articulates the requirement that persons using the information and communication facilities, services and materials provided by Deakin University ensure that their use complies with common law and with all relevant Commonwealth and Victorian legislation as well as with Deakin University Statutes, Regulations and policy.
  • Information and Communications Technology Use procedureThis Procedure relates to routine monitoring of services, facilities and materials; access to, retrieval of, and inspection of data (in specific circumstances); as well as managing communication, filtering processes, and dealing with breaches of legislation or University policy.
  • Information and Records Management policyThis Policy details how the University will manage its information and records management processes to ensure that it meets its legislative obligations.
  • Information and Records Management procedureThis Procedure relates to the classification, storage, access, archiving and disposal of all University data, information and records, whether received, created, maintained, copied, disseminated or disposed of by the University in the course of its operations.
  • Information Technology Facilities Access procedureThis Procedure relates to the authorisation of relevant Deakin eSolutions staff members, and other personnel both internal and external to the University, who need to access ICT facilities managed by Deakin eSolutions.
  • Information Technology Service Provision policyThis Policy governs the provision and regular review of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities, services and materials to support the University's core functions, activities and strategic directions.
  • Insider Trading Prevention policyThis Policy explains the type of conduct that is prohibited under the Corporations Act (2001) and provides guidance to persons who are privy to insider information on how they can recognise and avoid Insider trading.
  • Integrity policyThis Policy sets out the University‚Äôs principles for maintaining a high level of integrity in all aspects of University operations.
  • Intellectual Property (Staff) policyThis Policy governs the development, commercialisation and ownership of Intellectual Property (IP) and applies to all staff and Honorary staff of the University.
  • Intellectual Property (Students) policyThis policy governs the development, commercialisation and ownership of Intellectual Property (IP) and applies to all students of the University.
  • Intellectual Property procedureThis Procedure details how to comply with the Intellectual Property (Staff) and Intellectual Property (Students) policies, including recording and disclosing Intellectual Property (IP), evaluation of commercial use and decision making processes. It applies to all staff, students and Honorary staff of the University.
  • Internal Audit policyThis Policy provides for the establishment and maintenance an effective Internal Audit function and an Internal Audit Charter as key components of its governance framework, and to meet internal audit requirements under law.
  • Internal Audit procedureThis procedure outlines the consultation and approval process for the Annual Internal Audit Plan, and the process that will be undertaken during an audit or review conducted by the Internal Audit function.
  • Investment Management policyThe Investment Management Policy applies to all financial investments monitored by the Investment Committee from funding allocated by University Council. This Policy does not apply to any equity investments in controlled or associated entities of the University.