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Note: As a result of the introduction of new University legislation on 1 January 2021 all documents in the Policy Library are currently under review. To the extent of any inconsistency between any documents in the Policy Library and the new legislation, the new legislation prevails. 

Deakin University is committed to a policy framework that best reflects our value of inclusion and provides a safe and supportive environment for all staff and students. This includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people of diverse genders, sex and sexualities, people with disability, people of all ages and socio-economic status and people from diverse cultural backgrounds and religions.

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  • Gender Affirmation procedureThe Gender Affirmation procedure sets out how the University supports students and staff who are affirming, seeking to affirm or have affirmed their gender.
  • Gender Equity in Research policyThis Policy seeks to address the known barriers experienced by researchers who are also primary carers and provides a range of measures targeted at these staff to assist them in progressing their careers and growing their research at Deakin.
  • Gifts and Hospitality Acceptance policyThis Policy outlines the responsibility of staff to declare gifts and hospitality offered in relation to the conduct of University business. It applies to all staff and associates but also details circumstances where this may not apply.
  • Gifts and Sponsorship policyThis Policy outlines the proactive and co-ordinated approach taken by the University to fundraising, donations and sponsorship, consistent with the University's strategic objectives and core commitments.
  • Gifts and Sponsorship procedureThis Procedure applies to the acceptance, recording and recognition of gifts sponsorships to the University and is pursuant to the Gifts ad Sponsorship Policy.
  • Government and Political Engagement policyThe Government and Political Engagement policy recognises the importance of developing and maintaining positive relationships with all levels of government. It outlines the University's position in relation to engagement with government, political parties, politicians and their representatives and applies to all University staff and associates.