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  • Facilities Management procedureThis procedure relates to the University's physical environment, including strategic asset management, facilities planning, space utilisation, maintenance, signage and leasing or licensing space.
  • Financial Delegations policyThis Policy sets out the financial delegations authorised by University Council that have application throughout the University.
  • Fixed Assets Management policyThis Policy outlines how the University procures, manages, documents and controls its Fixed Assets. It applies across the University.
  • Fixed Assets Management procedureThis Procedure outlines the steps required to ensure that the University can effectively procure, manage, document and control its fixed assets.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements procedureThis Procedure documents the processes for making flexible working arrangements.
  • Fraud and Corruption Prevention and Control policyThis Policy relates to the prevention, reporting and investigation of possible fraud and corrupt behaviour and states the willingness of the University to report suspected instances to the appropriate legal and regulatory authorities.
  • Fraud and Corruption Prevention and Control procedureThis procedure relates to the implementation of the University's internal control framework that covers fraud and corruption prevention, detection and reporting.