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  • Bequests procedureThis policy recognises that the University serves as an important resource for the educational, economic, cultural and social development of Victorian, Australian and international communities.
  • Breach Management procedureThis Procedure sets out the University‚Äôs approach to the identification, containment, investigation, remediation, reporting and recording of a breach of all applicable laws, University statutes, regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Budget policyThis policy articulates the principles by which money is allocated within the University.
  • Business Continuity policyThis Policy outlines the guiding principles under which business continuity is to be developed, implemented and managed to enable the University to establish and maintain an effective level of preparedness to respond to incidents that disrupt normal operations.
  • Business Continuity procedureThis Procedure explains how to comply with the Business Continuity policy.
  • Business Expenses policyThis Policy promotes the proper stewardship of University funds by setting out the requirements that are applicable to staff, associates and students for incurring Business Expenses.
  • Business Expenses Reimbursement procedureThis Procedure outlines the criteria and process for the reimbursement of expenses to eligible fixed term and continuing University staff in a range of circumstances.