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  • Academic Awards procedureThis Procedure provides information on academic awards titles, testamurs and colours for Higher Education award courses offered by the University.
  • Academic Board policyThis Policy sets out the functions of the Academic Board and its responsibilities which include academic governance, academic strategy, academic policy, academic standards and quality, and academic risk.
  • Academic Freedom policyThis policy outlines the University's commitment to the principle of academic freedom, while recognising that in the exercise of this right there is a duty and obligation on academic staff to act responsibly and in good faith.
  • Academic Integrity policyThis policy relates to the expectation that Academic staff will demonstrate Academic Integrity [as defined] in all duties relating to teaching and research.
  • Academic Integrity procedureThis Procedure details expectations and action in relation to issues of Academic Integrity, including conflict of interest, data management, publication and authorship, prescribed texts, software and course related materials, assessment, ethical conduct of research, and in the event of alleged breaches.
  • Academic Partnerships procedureThis procedure governs the development and maintenance of academic partnerships (other than those specifically related to research matters) with other entities in Australia and overseas that relate to domestic or international students or domestic and international activities.
  • Academic Progress procedureThis procedure relates to the management and support of students enrolled in the University's higher education award courses (other than higher degrees by research) who are identified as being 'at risk' of unsatisfactory Academic Progress.
  • Academic Promotion policyThis Policy outlines the framework by which full-time, part-time, continuing or fixed-term academic staff may apply for promotion to Level B, Level C, Level D or Level E (Professor). It includes nominations for the title 'Alfred Deakin Professor'.
  • Academic Promotion procedureThis Procedure documents the process and steps required to comply with the Academic Promotion policy, including preparation and lodgement of applications, assessment reports, interviews, notification of outcomes and potential for reconsideration.
  • Academic Study Program procedureThe Academic Study Program procedure outlines requirements and processes attached to the Academic Study Program (ASP), including eligibility guidelines, approvals, appeals and variation processes.
  • Academic Timetabling policyThis Policy defines core teaching hours and aims to optimise the use of space, and ensure the provision of physical teaching and learning environments appropriate for students and staff. It applies to the academic timetable for all courses of the University conducted on campus.
  • Accessibility of Materials procedureThis Procedure requires that every reasonable effort be made to ensure that materials being developed for delivery in electronic format, including teaching and learning materials or promotional materials, meet good practice guidelines with respect to accessibility.
  • Admission Criteria and Selection (Higher Education Courses) policyThis Policy governs eligibility for admission and the selection of applicants into the University's undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs (other than admission and selection into higher degrees by research).
  • Admission Criteria and Selection (Higher Education Courses) procedureThis Procedure documents the processes relating to eligibility for admission and selection into the University's undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs (other than admission and selection into higher degrees by research).
  • Admission Process, Enrolment, Fees and Charges policyThis policy outlines the University's administrative requirements for admission, enrolment and fees and charges of undergraduate and postgraduate students. It applies to all University units and courses except Higher Degrees by Research, short courses and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses.
  • Admission Process, Enrolment, Fees and Charges procedureThis Procedure outlines the University's requirements and processes regarding the admission, enrolment and levying of student fees and charges at the time of admission and enrolment. It applies to all University units and courses except Higher Degrees by Research, short courses and Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses.
  • Appointment of Conjoint Academic Staff procedureThis Procedure relates to the appointment of individuals whose primary employment is with an health agency or entity external to the University, and who are appointed as staff of the University to undertake clinical teaching and/or research for the University.
  • Art Collection and Galleries policyThis Policy seeks to ensure that the Art Collection and Galleries assist in facilitating the University's teaching and learning program, enrich the student experience and make a difference to the communities the University serves.
  • Art Collection and Galleries procedureThis Procedure outlines the requirements and processes arising from Art Collection and Galleries policy.
  • Assessment (Higher Education Courses) procedureThis Procedure governs assessment in undergraduate and postgraduate award courses other than higher degrees by research.
  • Authorship procedureThis Procedure outlines the criteria for authorship and contributions to all research outputs and responsibilities of authors, in compliance with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research (the Code).